Ghost Writers in the Sky

I’m worried about a friend that messaged me in the middle of the night while I slept. That person mentioned being “ghosted” but no additional details other than it “hertz.” Spelling as is.

I think the friend felt lost. Invisible. I actually began the conversation last night before going to bed. Just checking in, sharing thoughts. Not someone I could reach out to any other way. That would be crossing a line of privacy. I would never compromise that borderline.

The friend’s Facebook page is now gone. Unavailable for messaging or public posts.

Am I the ghost or the ghosted?

If you are reading this, old friend, let me know you are safe and well.

If you are reading this, any friend, you need not hurt alone. Reach out to someone. Write it out. Words matter.

3 thoughts on “Ghost Writers in the Sky

  1. I think this idea of ghosting is horrible. Just disappearing from someone’s life. Maybe she/his was ghosted by someone she was hoping to date longtime…..or had done so already. Maybe it is her/his way of getting away but from everyone is sort of different. I hope it all works out. I can tell why you might worry.


  2. It was so sudden.
    I know from crawling under the covers and wanting to be alone.
    I try to give people a heads up if I need a little shelter from the storm.

    This feels more dramatic.
    I’m concerned.

    Love you, Janet.
    You’re such a good and caring friend.


  3. The person in question is still not showing up as a Facebook user anymore. I don’t think I was merely unfriended. The page is completely wiped clean. I may have some thoughts about the reason but it would be unfair to share.

    If you’re out there, stay well, stay safe. ()


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