You Can’t Ignore-a The Menorah

If you are here,

not merely passing through

from post to post,

please know:

You light up my life.

(Back to say: Edit that. This message is for anyone I’m lucky enough to call a friend. I realize not everyone can sing or dance at every party. If you are here, that’s all I need. I know you’re out there.)

Happy First Night of Chanukah.

Words matter.

We share words.

They are the light.

Great miracles happen here.

Resolution Number 9…99

I own this place
but I am an absentee landlord

letting dust squat in every corner of every room
I would not want to visit here either, if I were you

So fair warning to the invisible tenants of this page:
I will knock first

But I need to show you who is boss
and I need to type my way through the front door

“I’m talking here!”

You talk, too. What’s on your mind?

I Walk the Line

How do you cope when time is tossed,

Objects flying, night is day, grief is a shadow,

Anger is air?

I feel like a nervous acrobat.

Unsteady, unsure, teetering.

Too much. It’s overwhelming.

I need a mantra to steady my steps.

And eureka. They appear, like miracles.

Saved by the bell.

Three words will save this world




“Watermelon Sugar High.”

Watermelon Sugar High!

-Pamela, not acting my age and I don’t care