Rambling Ross

Nothing like saving the good stuff for the last minute.

2:36 am I’m still watching sessions I missed this summer at the online SCBWI conference. I am Cinderella at the ball. The videos turn back into pumpkins at 3 AM. Hold on to your slippers, kids. I am racing the clock! My ballgown has not looked princely or charming since this afternoon. <g>

No Schmooze Zone: What a wonderful conference this was. My brain is bursting with lightbulb moments. Thank you, SCBWI, for keeping the lights on. (If someone out there can leave the videos rolling for me an extra hour or so, I won’t complain.)

Is there a Fairy Godmother in the house?!

Edited to add: It is now 3:31 am and I’m Still Here. How do you like them eggrolls, SCBWI People? <g>

Edited to add, I Saw the Sunrise edition: When I commit to seeing something through, nothing gets in my way (except a coffee break at my desk and a few Motrins to quash the strain on my back and neck).

7 am. Done. Well done. Like my steak. 😬

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