The Battle of Windows vs iCloud

The Fight of the Century has ended.

Total knock out. I have been on the ropes.

Eyes swollen. Blood streaks from my despair. Dazed. Confused. Angry. Denial.

(Never reached Acceptance. I don’t give up.)

Tonight, I almost surrendered.
Like the Elton John song: Someone saved my life tonight.
I am The Someone.

It should have been a simple task.

Catastrophe ensued.

I tried to install the iCloud app on my computer. The computer is a PC and runs on the new Windows 11.
I lost all contact with email, Chrome, Twitter, Facebook, the internet, and all those other fun things for four hours.
I have no idea (except cry and curse) what I just did to make it work again.
I am in shock. I clicked every support button available. No robot could help. I didn’t even know who to call to help at the end of my rope. And then, a great miracle happened after something I did (that I could not reenact here if I tried).

All that matters is I am back.
A friendly word of advice.
Whatever I did to corrupt the system, don’t.
Do not try this at home.

Good ol’ dependable computer. I’m sorry I tried to give you a facelift.
I love you just the way you are.

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