Who Do You Think You Are?

Ink Think

While watching the ALA announcements this morning, 
I thought of my own writing and asked myself questions. 
My soliloquy is something that will fit in to my manuscript.
Sharing my note to self.
Who in real life ever admits to fitting in?
I do not believe I have ever met a writer who believes she or he fit in growing up. 
I do not know any writer who now thinks she or he fits in.
Fits in to what?
Is there a secret password for those who know they fit in to whatever that In is? 
How does it feel to fit in without doubt or duress?
How does it feel to wake up every day without wondering about if you’re normal, a member of that In crowd?
I have never experienced the luxury of that sense of self.
I’m not sure what I would do with it. 
I don’t know if I would like it.
To be or not to be.
Those are my questions.

One thought on “Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. You are not alone. I think we need to work on this in schools, communities, families, neighborhoods, religious communities……how do we get to know one and other and care and maintain caring, open, honest, supportive relationships. I have so many of the same thoughts but as I grew I kept moving forward and tried not to allow them to define me by some gift from God, but because Lord knows, the list is long. And now, just last night I was waiting for the restroom and a lady I did not know who was there for the same amazing concert I was, so if we love this guy, we know we have to connect on some level, said, “oh the color of your sweater is just gorgeous.” I love it too and it is new. A pretty blue. Anyhow I thanked her and then pointed out that in fact it had a collar but I had tucked it in because it seemed my neck had shrunk (didn’t use those words, but it seems to be the issue, stands up to tall) and then said, but you know, I tuck it under like this and hey, it may look weird but I am too old to care what anyone thinks. It works for me….and I was very very nice about it and she said, “oh it looks great and I hear you, you are right about that!!!” Some go to extremes to buck the trends but that comes from who knows where. You have struck a chord my dear friend. In my life you are part of the In crowd in my heart but you know that. Hugs.


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