Crow Choice

It is mid-afternoon on Long Island. Not exactly Green Acres territory. We have traffic. Diners. People. Lots of people.

Why do we have roosters?

What is the point? A neighbor nearby hasn’t figured out roosters are noisy and needless.

There she crows again!

3 thoughts on “Crow Choice

  1. Well. When I was a girl and we went to East Hampton in summers for our weekends and trips there from GC the neighbor had chickens and of course a rooster. Chickens don’t lay eggs without the crow-er. It was fun to hear it, though early. Last week I visited a friend who lives on a few acres in the countryside near me. She has chickens and a rooster. Oh he was making a lot of noise. He was penned up with the chickens in the small coop area. Her son was on a two or three night mini vacation and her son is the one who lets them out and feeds them, grabs the eggs, etc. So…I think the rooster was acknowledging that he was wanting to stretch his legs and tail feathers. LOL. I said I might consider letting them out, feeding them; she asked if I would gather eggs to which I said, I’d never done that and was unsure about it…(I would need gloves LOL) and I wanted to know how one managed to get them to go back in the pen once they had seen Paree!!! LUCKILY a neighbor friend stopped in to check on my friend so I was relieved of my Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm duties. Oh city girl……and I had camping experience, but still, a city girl at heart……though I can and do appreciate those who work the land and tend and al that. It is just not my forte.

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  2. You summed up the ultimate dilemma of my urban youth. Life?
    I always wanted to -live- on a farm.
    I didn’t want -to do- the stuff needed to live on a farm.
    I have never milked a cow and I have no intention to do so now.
    Chickens? Eggs? I don’t want to see how the sausage is made.
    (Hah. That could be a funny kosher joke if I felt like making one up.) 🤦‍♀️

    Did you know Glen Cove earned the title of Most Rainfall Spot on Long Island last week during the storm?

    Where did you stay in the Hamptons? Are you a secret zillionaire and forgot to tell me?!


    • Ha ha ha. Oh, back in the 40s through early 60s my grandparents (mother’s) had a weekend/summer place in East Hampton, a heavenly spot, not the high rent district, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED it there. They had a big piece of property and on the corner of a main road (3 Mile Harbor)….and a huge front lawn. It was the best. No not zillionaires at all. In the 1930s they stayed on the side of the bay on a beach in tents my grandfather put up, big army ones and they used the “outhouse” and water of a neighbor. My mother loved it. I guess they found the house that way. It was like a family compound. My mother had 4 surviving siblings. I think at least 3 died in childhood. Sad, too, when my grandfather died and my aunt and grandmother unbeknownst to my parents sold the place. They might have bought it….. NO I did NOT hear that about GC and the rain. Wow. My siblings were ok. BUT….no I am not a farm girl. Once there was a mouse in my house. I did the jump up on the couch and scream. Honestly. Luckily a friend was nearby and he came and helped us. Fred was at work. He deals with the rodent issues. We have an old house so we have tried to get all the foundation fixed but they can sneak in. Ugh. However he has a plan so he sets traps early and gets them right away. Keep on writing and Happy Holidays to you. You should go on Twitter to find video and pics of Lambertville. Moe says she is ok, but the areas that took on the water….whoa!!!! Hugs to you. I love hearing from you.


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