Do You Hear Me Now?

Tying up loose ends, fragments of thoughts and observations.

The neighbors are noisy today. 
Saws splitting wood, grinding trucks spinning their wheels, sirens on the street. Someone is in trouble.
The neighbor’s dog, mad barking, losing his temper at strangers on his turf and I don’t blame him. Teach me to let loose, pal.
Birds are screeching. Standing their ground. This is my tree. This is my land.

I sought silence
here where the wind chimes bang out a jazz beat as if in a sacred sanctuary and the sun is burning through my tee shirt and that rooster lets loose his fierce vocal chords in timely precision. I count the pause in between its calls. Equal in length, every time. Perfect rhythm, chopping into the cacophony, like an orchestra and the players, taking turns, watching the maestro waving his arms in rapture of nature’s unruly music.

The banging of nails and buzzing of bees fade into the air. It seems the show is over. I gather my book and coffee and shoes and half-eaten sandwich, noting I forgot to zip my shorts and no wonder they were loose. Disappointed my body was not the wonderland I hoped it was. I head out to the lobby and buy tickets for the next performance, unsure if I will ever hear the same concert again.

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