3 thoughts on “Snow What

      • Ah….long story. Husband at Cornell. Me the grad wife teacher. Found our town and liked it here plus my job. AND it was a longstanding challenge for this LI girl to learn to be part of the snow belt. I will drive in a lot but not ice or blowing and drifting predictions. I learned early on pretty much how to do it, and then the cars and tires got so much better. The other “season” ie not winter is lovely here. There’s a kind of “superiority complex” that LI transplants get when you know you can drive in snow to fetch diapers while on LI at Xmas and sister’s baby needs them and it is snowing hard. Have car with great tires and know how, allows one to feel only a bit scared of other LI drivers with no snow tires and going too fast!!! It is a different lifestyle but I really do love it and call it home. Come visit!


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