Our apartment, growing up, Brooklyn: Top floor, closest to the viewer’s eyes, terrace on the corner. A terrace we never used. The access door was covered by expensive drapery and my mom was adamant about keeping it that way. Untouched.

My shared bedroom: Third window to the left of the mystery terrace. What would I give to zoom inside and see what we were doing, circa 1972 through 2019? Where did we all go?

Not sure why I did a map hunt for the old place. Seeing it in 3D is astounding, as enigmatic it must have been when people first saw images on a television screen. I don’t know how I would have survived childhood had I had access to the Internet. That’s another door we couldn’t open. And like the flowing fabric in that apartment, my memories of The Way We Were are as fresh as the day they were made, untouched by years and time and adult onset “what was I looking for again?” amnesia. 🤦‍♀️

You can’t see Russia, but you can see the Verrazano Bridge from the roof.

3 thoughts on ““6 L AS IN LARRY”

  1. Wow that is something. Did you use google earth? And which side of the building were you on, closest corner to the viewer ie us or farthest away? I never spent much time at all in Brooklyn. I would have loved having a tour there years ago. My people ie maternal grandparents, aunts all lived in Queens ie Rosedale and Springfield Gardens. (East Hampton in summer.) I took the train on LIRR to Manhattan (change at Jamaica) with my mother in the early ’50s when the seats were that honey tan rattan style ! And loved going in. Also I used to go down by Canal Street at the beginning of Chinatown and near the NYC City Hall (I think) with my dad to a music store where he did business with the guys who appeared to be his friends. I used to go outside when I got bored and look in the window of the shop next door (it seemed to always be closed) but they sold things like kewpie dolls. Then a walk to the corner and voila Chinatown and those telephone booths with the pagoda top!!! For a girl from the “country” ie GC, this was fascinating. I, like you, have very fond memories of childhood and family…..not a perfect world or time or situation at every turn but it was a good place and way to grow up as I/we look back. So many memories. Hugs to you.


    • My dear friend! I love knowing you’re here, sharing your memories and mixing with mine.
      Let me first fix the text. If it’s not clear, I’m not doing my job. Our apartment is on the top floor— “Apartment 6 L as in Larry”— were my mom’s traditional directions to people coming up to visit. The apartment is on the corner closest to the viewer, situated on the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue Z as seen in the photo.
      I forget what map app I used. Google? The iPad map? See? I told you. Adult onset “amnesia”! 🤯

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      • Love your clarifications!!! And comments.
        Once a friend, almost always a friend for life. (Leaving myself an out in case something might go awry in some other relationship, not ours!!)

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