I lost a few hours of life and gained mounting anxiety by the endless buzz saw of a tree next door facing its final hours. It’s none of my business but I did not expect to say good bye to an old friend. Why did you leave me this way? Big Trees Make Better Neighbors.

Take the cannoli. The Trees Stay in the Picture.

I’m not the Boss of the Cul-de-Sac but… wouldn’t it be nice?

As Tevye would shout: “TREE-dition!”

There goes the neighborhood. 👿
I can’t bear to look. Oops, I did it again. Baring my soul. Barking up the wrong tree. Digging myself into a hole of bad puns. Logging out. Oy.

One thought on “Tree-son!

  1. Did you see my fb page post yesterday and Tues.? We lost one in our front yard. An important shade tree for our house. It was pretty, too, but we will replace….but it will never shade us in time….Sad. There was a huge crack from the “crotch” area almost to the ground and you could see light through it…..We were very worried in the win it could come crashing down across our lawn, the sidewalk and the street. Luckily one of my former students has a tree business and he was there within an hour and took it down, then came back and removed the limbs. It looks so weird, but we will re-plant nicely near that spot…it was a Norway Maple.


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