Not Red and Green with Envy

When someone subscribes to the relatively recent recurring talking point that “Christmas is cancelled,” please know you’re insulting every non-Christmas-celebrating person who lives in your holly jolly omnipotent shadow, year after year after year after year.

We don’t begrudge your holiday. Not at all. It’s been around a long time. We get it. We like it. We like a lot of traditions. Not all of them ours.


Pretending it is a victim of an imagined cancel culture hatchet job tells me the real cancellation is targeted at people like me. That hurts. A lot. I’ve seen this rodeo before. It never ends well.

If you claim to be a victim of a non-existent Cancelled Christmas movement, your unpleasant and unsubtle anger is directed at the people you falsely accuse as the executioners of the holiday, a holiday that’s been around a few centuries, a holiday that overwhelms the American culture, for better or worse. I do not understand the complaints. No basis. No truth. And yet, the annual delusion of a cancelled holiday persists. I wonder why.

We are not your punching bags. We are not your scapegoats. Does it make you feel better every year to blame others for an imaginary war? Does it instill a sense of superiority in you? Bravo.

A cable channel, GAC, apparently cutting ties from the “Too Woke” Hallmark organization, is currently hyping its impending holiday television season as the Christmas Isn’t Cancelled network. Nice propaganda. Why don’t you call it what truly is: The War Against People Not Like Us. Others Need Not Apply.

Let me be the first to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a sincerely sweet and Merry Christmas. I’ve never been this early in my life for anything. Ho Ho Ho!

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