Ear Ye, Ear Ye

I knew the crackling pain in my ear meant something. Intuition borne from experience.
The doctor took me in although apparently half of Long Island decided to be sick yesterday as well.
I waited more than 90 minutes to be told what I suspected: Ear infection. How does that happen after toddlerhood? <g> Amoxycillin and steroid drops are my new best friend. Temporarily. The side effects of feeling dizzy and sleepy are true. I would not do well on a whale watch today. “I must go down to the sea again.”
But not today.
Today, I whine. My body feels hot and not in a good way. ;>

2 thoughts on “Ear Ye, Ear Ye

  1. OK, “hot but not in a good way”….omg…..sorry……I don’t use that often. Too funny and I am so sorry. I hope you feel much better soon. Is it inner ear or “swimmer’s ear canal”? Ask the doctor how you can avoid it in the future maybe? Do you go to an ENT? Hugs from afar.


    • Made you laugh? I am glad. If this thing does not getter by Friday, yes, the doctor wants me to see an ENT. Having alarming flashbacks from 2016 when I spent months not hearing much and spending time going back and forth to the ENT for help.
      My hearing is not affected today. I think the cracking pain has eased up somewhat. Either that or my meds are also making me imagine things. xox


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