Talk To Me


Just a gentle reminder because I am an anal person who needs to be in control of everything within my control. I admit this in free will. <g>

If you want to stay in touch with this blog and with me, do subscribe at the link on this page. (Oh my g-d. I feel like a YouTube personality! Pointing down to the link like a mime!) This is not for information gathering on my end. It’s for ease of communication for you and for us.

Comments, of course, are always welcome as well. Talking to myself is fun but conversations are “More Better.”

I only suggest this in fear Facebook will go the way of MySpace and LiveJournal and AOL floppy desks. I generally cross-post to make sure I am getting my words out there to any and all readers.

Facebook has a way of burying posts.

I love to dance. I have rhythm.

But Facebook? Twitter? (Don’t get me started on the Mystery of Instagram!) Posts appear in random sequence, some on the day of, some days later. I give up. I will never understand algorithm.

But. Eureka! This blog is open all day and night. No lines! No entrance fee! No minimum stays.
Say the magic word and you’re in. <g>

I am the master of my domain here. Pun intended.

I told you I can be bossy. Or needy. Or both.

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