Chai Anxiety

Every day is a To Do list,
things to write, things to read,
things to begin, things to finish.
Fear of forgetting thoughts, fear of missing out.

I don't know how to say 
to hell with it all, I don't care, clear the deck,
cross the items off and start fresh.
Sleep is elusive, a tangled landmine,
a thousand shards of
unfinished, broken ideas
festering underfoot.

Life is light
and I am afraid of the dark.

Speaking of Fears:
In case Facebook goes away, please feel free to subscribe to this, whatever this is.
Blog? Journal? To Do list? <g>
There's a link somewhere on this page. Let me know you are out there. As the good book says: "Don't make no difference what nobody says. Aint nobody like to be alone."

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