Sweet Nothings

I’d say I’ve gone fishing but I don’t fish. I don’t even like to eat fish.
My To Do list is as long as a week at the graveyard. Quiet, I suppose. Good thing no one there wants to talk or ask what I am doing with my life. I’m not in the mood to think about anything.

Happiness is two new hairbrushes arriving in the mail to replace a favorite old-timer that finally cracked in five uneasy pieces. Have you ever tried to glue a hairbrush together out of desperation? Don’t.

I ordered two new brushes online.
That felt smart.
An heir and a spare for my hair.

One thought on “Sweet Nothings

  1. You surely have a way with words. I want to see you moving into a brighter day ahead. I am going to pray for you my dear Pamela. You are a born writer. Maybe you need a project? Check out these two sites doing amazing things. I am going to start each of these projects in a month like May for one and June for the next. Try on my own.
    Lit Bits and Pieces with Fran Healy using Ethical ELA prompts and Reading to the Core with Catherine Wallin Flynn. She is writing about these amazing women you probably have not heard about.
    Take care, read my email so you can see what I wrote for Georgia Heard’s class.
    Are you getting better?


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