If I Were King of the Forest

I hope those out there celebrating Easter are bathed in light and love. However you honor your days, my greatest joy will be when we can someday be together again.

We must all surely sense there is hope around the corner. This is a time of reflection and renewal. Let the healing begin. One more shot left for me. I look forward to complaining for a few days after that. Whine for Table Two!

On a lighter note, I need a lot of personal repair work done in the merry old land of Oz before I am fit for public re-entry. I need a protective mask that covers head to toe before I feel ready to join the world again. “If I only had the noive…” Buzz buzz here. Buzz buzz there. And a couple of lah-de-dahs. 😉

A big basket of courage cheerfully accepted. Is there a wizard in the house? Bell out of order. Please knock! Aaah-wooooof!

Cowardly Lion | fictional character | Britannica

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