Hour Gang Comedies

When 2 AM became 3 AM, I asked every computer in the house how its internal clock works. How does it know to zip ahead on this date and that time? This is a personal enigma that could have been avoided had I not dropped out of a introductory computer programming class at NYU after the first impossibly complicated session.

I skipped second and eighth grades. Did you learn this stuff then and forget to share your notes with me?

Little Rascals/Our Gang - Et Cetera | Old tv shows, My childhood memories,  Memories

2 thoughts on “Hour Gang Comedies

  1. Didn’t you know all the Leprechauns have moved into our computers and it is their job to adjust everything? They get tired of looking for rainbows and gold all the time!!!

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  2. I used to think The Beatles and other singers lived inside our little radios. When you turned the radio on, the group performed inside the radio.

    I prefer silver jewelry. Tell my personal leprechaun. ūüėá


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