4 thoughts on “Non-Fever Dreams

  1. Funny you should mention Tylenol. The bottle is empty. It is on the shopping list. Why do you suggest that?
    If all I felt were your hugs, I would be swinging from the chandeliers.
    Wrist pain that now flows up the left arm and has hit my shoulder hard,
    as if I have the Covid vaccine injected every day, all day.
    My range of motion is fragile.
    Those temporary pain medications give some comfort at night. But I often wake up crying and shaking from the worst nightmares. Is there a connection?
    Not that my dreams are much better without them. {}


    • Hmmm. Could you have a rotator cuff injury? That is worth checking out if you haven’t. Also are you doing PT for your wrist? I assume yes? Be brave and work on it because it can eventually help you so much. I don’t know about the dream thing but if I figure something out I will let you know. Oh boy. You need to really heal. I command you to heal!!!!!


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