Life is a Cabaret

I am having immense snafus setting up a new computer. I was on the phone with Microsoft for many hours Sunday and then, as I suspected, the call ended when the remote technician tried to move me into the email department. Windows Live was my old standard go-to but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore for downloads or support. Outlook (part of Office 365 in Microsoft) has Outlook but I have bled my fingers to the bone trying to set that service up for my regular email (RossWord) to no avail. I don’t like gmail for my default email system. I placed a call to my internet provider at approximately 3 AM. She told me to come back after 7 AM.
What do you use as subject titles in test emails to yourself?
My last one was called SHUT UP.
It gets ugly at 3 AM and you start wondering whether anything you do is right.

How many times did I change passwords today because old ones were too new for re-use and g-d I hate the ones I chose in haste. I should know words. I have run out of memorable passwords.
Now singing:
“What good is sitting alone in your room…” ;>

So. Yes.
Frustrating. It is 6:30 AM. I am still awake from Sunday.
I gave myself permission to cry.
I just listened to old voicemails
from my mom and dad from 2018 and 2019.
That hurt.

Call me,
A Glutton for Punishment

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