At Home, She Feels Like a Tourist

You live in New York.
You share a debit card with your daughter.
Your daughter travels to Philadelphia for the weekend.
Your daughter tries to use the card to
buy an $8 item in Philadelphia.
Your card is declined for an $8 purchase.
You call customer service. Embarrassment is involved. Everyone thinks you don’t have $8 to your name.
You plug in a lot of information before a human voice
enters into the equation.
Your bank customer service says the card was declined
to prevent fraud.
Your bank customer service representative says “Let us know you are travelling out of state when using your card.”
You remind customer service New York and Pennsylvania are not exactly distant relatives. You know, these -United- States. One nation, under G-d, with liberty and justice for all.
You question the tagline “America’s Most Convenient Bank” in the bank’s advertisements.

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