Who Are You? What Do You Do? What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? Do You Ever Stop Talking or Writing? Funny You Should Ask.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. (That’s not the funny part. That was the good part. Everyone who is anyone must have ties to the Brooklyn scene.) I graduated from New York University with an Honors English degree. (That’s not the funny part either, except there are not many things English majors are qualified to do.) I worked for two major publishing houses before I packed my bags and headed to law school. (That’s not the funny part either. Law school was hard.) I met my husband in law school. We lived in Western Massachusetts until we ran out of things to do. We moved to Long Island to be closer to family and to dedicate a great portion of our lives to driving our cars in traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Thank goodness for talk radio.

I’ve always known I was going to be a writer. I wrote novels for my third grade friends and shelved them in our classroom library. Today, I am a children’s book author. My two non-fiction books were published by Capstone Press. If you need to do research on Native American people, do I have two books for you! (Go to the library. It’s good for you.) I also freelance as a copywriter for greeting card publishers. (Send a card. Say hello to family and friends. People love hearing from you.) In my spare time, I live a charmed, perfect, worry-free life with my wonderful husband and even more wonderful daughters. And yes, they want me to tell you even the dog is wonderful. (Are you laughing with me yet?) I love reading, writing (surprise), diners, coffee talk with friends, and making beautiful music (although I am sad I will never be the female Bruce Springsteen). My happiest moments are when I make my keyboard talk. I love the sound of uncontrollable laughter. I hope you do, too.

Please write to let me know if something I wrote made your day. It makes my day when someone tells me: Your Words Matter.

To answer those burning questions above, keep reading. The mysteries will all be revealed.
But. Be warned. I never stop writing.
I never stop talking.

My childhood nickname was Chatterbox.
I rest my case.
Some things just don’t change.

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